About Us

Our Organization has been in business as an interior applicator on a designed area for 8 years. it started on August 2007 namely  Tradecon, Canvas was started with full swing with all necessary documents from last 2 years. We have the capacity to handle all working facet.Our labours and supported staffs are energetic, enthusiastic and qualified of handling the job. We have never defaulted on a contract nor has any partner of this organization been involved with other entities that have failed to complete a contract. We have already done some prestigious jobs for government and private sector . We are dedicated to our clients and respond quickly with respect to service and standing behind our work.

From last year we have achieved to participate our selves with the prestigeous site of Shristi "WESTIN" both hotel and commercial residential project at newtown, Kolkata.

Twin tower of 140 feet highrise building , we have successfully completed outside painting jobs . We are specialised and well equipped for this particular job in kolkata